Posted by: shekinahp | February 25, 2011

Working at The Body Sanctuary Inc in Gainesville Georgia

Information Control in Cults

One of the characteristics of a cult is the Information Control, where spying on  other members is encouraged. One is encouraged to report deviant thoughts, feelings, and actions to leadership.

Those of us who were part of the cult and worked for One Company Resources, Energetix Corporation, Anakiri, Spa on Green Street and Body Sanctuary, Inc were  indoctrinated to “connect upwards” or communicate to our superiors what we were seeing. In other words we were not friends, we were spies, and as in any totalitarian society, we didn’t trust each other. 

Here is one example.  A letter sent to Gregg Hake reporting on certain events with Teryl .  You can draw your own conclusions:

Hi Gregg,

I know you are aware of the situation with the scheduling of the FTF (Fast Track to Fitness) program, but I don’t know if you are aware of some things that have been done in order to accommodate people and keep that class.

I heard M yesterday insisting to Teryl several times not to make any decision until it runs by you and Teryl insisting in going ahead and making that decision, because there is no other way.

These are some factors in the whole process of accommodation:

  • One of the clients will have to skip one of the 8 classes. Teryl offered to work one on one with her so that she can replace the day she can’t make it. When all the policies were discussed about how this program was going to work, Teryl repeatedly said that if someone misses one class, they just miss it.  Now, because we are postponing the class, she mentioned to the client it is ok, she’ll work with her later.  Mew insisted that should run by you, Teryl said: if we don’t do that, then we don’t have enough people in the class and then we have to cancel it.
  • Teryl e-mailed everybody that they are going to start on the 15th and she mentioned to them that they are going to work out in the Group Exercise Room.  After realizing that there is still a Belly dancing class, she is going to put them in the gym. (There are only 3 people)
  • We have like 9 people signed up and paid for Belly Dance I, starting on Thursday 24th, only word of mouth people!  The class was meant to be from 5:15 – 6:15.  Due to the mistake in the scheduling with the FTF class, Teryl is going to call all of them and tell them that their new schedule will be starting at 5:30 to 6:30, 70% of those guests are new.  Their first impression, a change in their schedule.  What if some of them can’t make it until 6:30 and need to cancel? They have already paid for the whole series.
  • The Saturday FTF classes were going to start this Saturday. With all this postponing and arrangements, it’s going to start next Saturday, so Teryl e-mailed the guests and told them that because it has been postponed, we are comping this Saturday’s class.
  • M’s stance in all of this has been: “I’m so stressed with this situation.  I rather have Teryl fix all the mess than having to deal with Brenda and having to return money to the clients”.

Anyways, it’s been very intense, M is torn between communicating to you or staying quiet so that everything works for the best.  A lot of people involved in this, guests and teachers, staff.



  1. Yes, this type of reporting behavior red-flags the cult. I can recall letters/memos of this sort being sent to my superiors when I was involved in a cult, too.

  2. It looks like Gregg Hake is still micromanaging. Teryl must have thought she was THE OWNER and could do anything she wanted! Is she now on a short leash or is she still running wild?

    • I’ve heard that Teryl is now the spa director at the spa on green street!

  3. Yes, we all – no matter in which company of OCR we were working- were required to spy and tell on our friends and coworkers NOT ONLY about company related matters (we wish it was just that!), but on their personal lives, feelings and decisions. And we thought we were doing the right thing!
    “Connect, connect, connect” = spy, murmur and divide.

    Teryl, the Spa Director at SGS? Are you sure about that?
    I heard somewhere that the spa was not doing very well. And now with that change, do they want it to continue to go down?
    Oh, Teryl. Sweet and friendly, but she was all over the place; a know-it-all, loud and careless lady with a big mouth, sometimes even revealing to clients and friends things which were suposed to be “kept contained” and unknown, putting her foot in her mouth, ha ha. They might as well have hired Michael Scott from “The Office”!
    Funny funny news.

  4. My dentist went to the Spa and then when she looked in my chart, and seen my employment at that time, she said alot about her feelings of the Spa. By the time I made to the front desk, the personnel was looking at me crazy!!!

    • Does anyone know Rich Gulker

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