Posted by: shekinahp | September 2, 2011

What do the transformation of Gregg Hake and the fall of Anakin Skywalker have in common?

“The Sith are portrayed in various Star Wars media as individuals who use the dark side to attain power at any cost. The Star Wars prequel films establish that they draw upon strong emotions, both negative and positive, as the source of their power, and care only about themselves. This is in contrast to the Jedi, who are portrayed as forsaking emotional attachment in order to serve others and the galaxy as a whole.”

“Cult leaders brainwash you into thinking you can’t do it on your own. They tear you down even though in their minds they fully believe they’re building you up. Every word out of their mouth is a carefully calculated knife meant to slice away every last shred of self-esteem and confidence you have. The cult leader wants his or her followers to be totally dependent on them – and so does the narcissist.”  Sith Lords in the Real World by Deb Dorchak

Around three years have passed since many of us realized that we part of a huge emotional, spiritual and financial scam. I still see and talk to many cult veterans, and though we try to talk about the weather, our current lives, etc, we always end up talking about Grant and Jane Clarke, Gregg Hake and the MST scam.

For some of us, Gregg Hake was the person who inspired us and invited us to be part of that great promise, the promise to restore the earth to its natural state.  My family and I fell into his charm and intelligence.   In my almost daily conversations with ex-cult members, the question always comes: What the hell happened? Was Gregg always like that? Did Jane Clarke see the potential in Gregg, the potential to manipulate his heart and turn him in the cold-hearted, callous, inhuman guy he is now?

Jane Clarke is a master manipulator, we all have stories about her wicked spirit, how she manipulated couples to split, others to get together, etc., etc.

Here’s how I imagine the transformation of Gregg Hake happened.  Jane discovered Gregg’s greed and hunger for power, and slowly by surely she started to manipulate his spirit, offering the control of everything, offering the many that would allow him to have expensive cars, expensive trips and even an airplane.  Little by little, Gregg became Jane’s puppet, until he needed to do the ultimate sacrifice: marry Jane’s non-attractive, problematic, hypochondriac, immature niece.

Take a look at this video, isn’t this so similar to Gregg’s transformation?  Did Jane Clarke act as Lord Sith? Who knows, this is maybe a crazy way to explain what happened.


  1. The main principle of The Ministry of the Spirit of Truth was The One Law, also known in a cycle as, Radiation, Response, Attraction, Union and Unified Radiation. A man who was unified with God radiated God’s Light and Love. Others responded to that radiation and became attracted to it, thus becoming unified with it and eventually radiating to expand God’s influence.

    Another principle that stems from The One Law was termed “focalizers”. Focalizers were people in positions of coordination, authority and control in any area. These were, supposedly, God’s representatives in those positions. So, we had focalizers who organized the kitchen, construction projects and all business endeavors, very similar to managers in any company.

    The problem with all this was, what if those “focalizers/God’s representatives” were not unified with God’s Love? And, what if those in the positions of ultimate authority also were not truly unified with God’s unselfish Love either?

    From everyone I have talked to we all knew Jane Clarke’s heart was very closed off. She seemed to have no warmth, care or concern for anyone, but herself and her position as God’s ultimate authority in all matters. If you questioned that or pointed out to her any area where she was not being motivated by love, you were on dangerous ground, according to her. She could spend all day and night pointing out your and anyone’s faults, which she often did, but would never look at her own.

    During one of my discussions with her, where I was on “dangerous ground”, she said, “What is good for me is good for God”. This 180 degree turn around from right “polarity” (another One Law term often used) gives you a good idea of how arrogant and ego-centric Jane Clarke was, or had become.

    In order for Gregg Hake and Jane’s Niece, now Melissa Hake, to be given the control of the money and businesses, which was in Jane Clarke’s hands, they would have had to be under Jane’s full and total control. That is how focalization works. It is like experiencing a bad Star Wars or mafia movie when you were thinking it was going to be the second coming.

    Note to self: when you have to give up your knowing of what is loving and right in order to follow God’s authority figure on earth, then it is definitely false prophets.

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences Bob! Many people are very afraid to say much about what happened to them during their time at Deerfield compound.

      I had the opportunity to host Grant and Jane Clarke for almost 2 months in my house and I saw closely how they operate, sometimes you wonder how Jane Clarke was capable of producing such level of evilness and treat people like garbage all the time.

      She was particularly cruel with other women in pointing faults and she had no problem sharing that openly among other inner circle members.

  2. I do remember those evenings with Grant and Jane Clarke. Grant used to wear this robe on top of his naked body, it was very uncomfortable to see him crossing the legs, if you know what I mean.
    In any case, we used to sit down at the living room and drink lots of wine, lots, lots of wine, and laugh. I do not recall I have ever heard a word of encouragement coming from Jane Clarke’s mouth. She hated women and she always tried to put us against each other.
    Jane Clarke never changed, she was always the evil, cold-hearted woman she has always been.
    Remember her classes about men being the positive, women the negative, blah, blah, blah? Have you observed how she treats Grant Clarke? Like a puppet, just like a puppet. She has made him believe that without her, he is nothing.
    Grant is very bad with directions, Jane would never get lost, so she manipulated him to think that without her, he would be lost. We saw so many examples of that when they were visiting us in a foreign country.
    But now, the focus is on Gregg Hake, he is now her puppet. She is hidden behind Gregg’s huge ego and ambition. What happened to Grant Clarke? he is just another Energetix salesman, that’s it.

  3. WOW!! Never been to Church and seen a naked man with a robe.That would be so uncomfortable. Even at the Church I go to, they don’t let men wear golf shorts. Oh wait a minute, I don’t attend a CULT. Big difference between Cult and a Church.
    Has anyone thought about shooting spit wads at it?
    Did anyone ever think to tell him…. GET SOME DAMN CLOTHES ON!!!!
    No wonder I didn’t get an invite!

  4. Was he also the guy who brought the tithing plate around as well?

    • Nope, that was worse, it was Gregg Hake who would gather us for a yearly meeting where he would ask us to give more, work more, receive less.
      Give our savings, give our 401k, if we didn’t have money, then give our time, our children, our integrity, our vacations, our time off, our trust, give everything!

  5. The Bible says you are known by the fruit of your loins….
    I don’t think it mean whip out your loins!!!!
    Or expose your loins!!!!
    Or tempt your loins!!!!

    Then again, Grant was considered the expert on sex education, right???
    What a perv… I would have been the kid that moved his loins to… well I am sure you know where!

  6. Grant was the expert in sex education. To those of us who were part of the International Servers coordinators, he told us it was about time that we shared with him all of our sexual experiences as couples. Since he was the representative of the Lord, we were supposed to tell him about our sex lives, and he said: EVERYTHING!

    Jane on the other hand was the expert in child education, although she never wanted to have children and she discouraged all of the women to have children. Only Brad and Diana disobeyed her orders, the rest of us on the other hand either remained barren or with one child.

  7. Grant would guessed my sex life!!!! Lol I had 4 children!!!
    I think he just wanted to learn more instead of educating others . LOL

  8. Another example of Jane Clarke’s character that should make all Energetix customers nervous, is what was reported she had her Nutman “employees” do to the gift basket products when their date expired. She would have them go through all the cases of expired snacks and take out the product one by one and carefully peal off the expiration date from the packaging so no one would notice and she could continue to sell it.

    The question is, why would God need such low-level lack of integrity shenanigans in order to prosper? Obviously, this was just greedy unethical practices that Jane Clarke felt perfectly comfortable with in order to put more money in her pocket.

    As an Energetix customer I would wonder what they are doing to their health remedies to cut costs. I often heard people mention how Gregg Hake and Erich Worster would laugh about the remedies, like it was all just a big inside joke. They didn’t believe in them and didn’t take them. To them Energetix was just business. They do not care about healing anyone, all they really care about is extracting money from people.

    Beware wolves in sheep’s clothing is very apt here.

  9. I can say with ABSOLUTE confidence that Anakiri products would still be sold way after their shelf life expired. One drawback of not using chemicals in products is that the product is not as effective after a short while, or it could go rancid quickly. We would have to dust off the Phyto Nutrient Serums so nobody knew how old they were.

    Grant Clarke, Jane Clarke, Gregg Hake, Erich Worster and the others would always talk about how they wanted to change the way business was done. They were only interested in lining their pocketbooks at all costs.

    • Apparently Teryl used to tell clients that they should use Anakiri instead of using Botox as it would produce the same results!!! There are / were so many clients who were pushed into buying this revolting product and ended up with major skin problems – rashes, spots, itching etc – probably from all the rancidity!!!

  10. Oh yes, some of those Anakiri products were rancid and old.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the Energetix products they sell were expired, too. After all, THEY JUST DON’T CARE. The only thing that is important to them is to get more and more money. True love? -they don’t feel that for others. Health? – doesn’t matter. Well-being? -it’s only important if it’s theirs. Honesty? -maybe they think it’s just a title of a song.

    Values and INTEGRITY: that’s the huge difference between those of us who care, really believe in God and wanted to fulfill a great purpose, and those who are selfish, cold and take the name of God in vain (mainly, Jane W Clarke and Gregory Hake).

    Bob, what a great description!
    The focal points or “God representatives”, as they called themselves, controlled everything with only one goal: to become rich and powerful. Employees, clients, family, customers…NOT important.
    If somebody reading this blog still doesn’t know or understand what these Anti-Christian people do and why we say they don’t care, here is an explanation from Wikipedia that should have their names:

    “Exploitation involves a persistent social relationship in which certain persons are being mistreated or unfairly used for the benefit of others. This corresponds to one ethical conception of exploitation, that is, the treatment of human beings as mere means to an end—or as mere “objects”. In different terms, “exploitation” refers to the use of people as a resource, with little or no consideration of their well-being.”

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