Posted by: exmstmember2009 | December 5, 2012

“I always feel that I am being interviewed to join a cult”

A new comment confirming what was behind these organizations was sent to us recently, take a look:

I stumbled upon your blog as a former employee of Jurlique USA.  I found your information very interesting, as I always felt something was “off”.  However, being in the spa industry you feel this way about many people / companies.  I was intrigued by your description of companies that are cults.  Everything you said fits my experience with Jurlique.  I was always curious why everyone lived together and the same people were in management. I can remember different interactions where I left telling a co-worker that I always feel that I am being interviewed to join a cult.   I do hope you post more information about what you saw on your end with Eric and Claudia.  On the employee side, we could see how they destroyed the company until they were booted out.  I could go on and on about my experience working with this company including discussions about Energetix.  Good luck on your journey to healing.



  1. I occasionally lurk on this web site from time to time, to see if there are any new postings. For the record, I was involved with MST from 1995 to 2004. What I witnessed first hand boarded on the edge of sublime and nearly surrealistic.

    It is interesting to note that “the family” of Jonathan Worster decided to have a “private ceremony” for his wake when he passed away in 2012. With the exception of Marty, none of them where there. That is telling right there. One word sums it up: Cowards.

    The genealogy of MST goes back to the Emissaries of Divine Light (EDL). At the time I got involved, Deerfield has just been purchased and in Oct. 1995, Jane, Grant, Eric Worster and Pandora moved from Atlanta to Dahlonga, GA. Eric and Pandora where running Jurilque from the building on Dresden and Jane and Grant where commuting back and forth to give services. Once the facilities were constructed on the Dahlonga property, all activity began to shift there, including the businesses, The Nutman, Energetix and other endeavors. With pretty much everything operating in a “concentrated area” in and around Dahlonga and with a critical mass of people to work for peanuts, this allowed a privileged few to control the assets and most importantly, the people who gave their time and money.

    The involvement and attachment to EDL was clearly severed in the early ’90’s, but Jane and Grant learned a lot from being involved in that version of the cult, namely, how to recuit people through classes, create a “utopia vision” (based on Meeker’s philosophy) and to motivate people to come and donate what essentially where their time, money and livelihood so they can funnel that into their own private gain. Gregg moved from CA to Atlanta in 1997 and he learned as much as he could and through his association with Eric at Jurlique, position himself where he is today. I would clearly say that when he arrived he is clearly not the person he is today, but many have experienced for themselves, power, money and status are not only powerful motivators, they can very corrupting as well.

    Pretty much everything commented on this site is true or pretty damn close (there are a few exaggerations, but too far from the facts). Some of businesses got tax-exempt status as the balance sheets were consolidated to maximize profits and clearly there was “hierarchical status” where a few where privileged and the rest were relegated to “worker bee” status. Control was kept by being vague and there were a ton of distortions, so much so, that ruined people’s lives, their relationships and even their ability to make autonomous and rational decisions in regard to their own and finances.

    The s**t hit the fan for me when after I had supposedly “invested” in a property in Lanteglos, Wales ($35,000 cash), I was told by Gregg, after I handed over the check that I could not invest in the property and that this now needed to be considered “a donation” for tax purposes. I got into a VERY heated argument with Jane and Gregg over this. Heated! While that money was lost, I was still able to take the deduction on my taxes, but for me, that was the last straw.

    It took me a long time to find the right professional help to get me back on track in regard to trusting any organization, let alone the illegal and immoral implications of MST and “The One Company”. Fortunately for me, I always had one foot in and one foot out. That is, I never did sell my home (as it was suggested to me many times) and move to be part of the cult. Also, it is hard to believe that this has not been exposed for what it is, an organization which misled people, made promises with no intention of ever keeping them and to hide behind the “false frontages” of commerce.

    Clearly Gregg, Jane, Eric are very clever and intelligent people. They use both their charm and persuasive skills, which they have honed over a long period of time to make a living and enjoy a lifestyle on the backs of others. Sad, but true.

    • Can someone please contact me? I have some questions about all of this.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. it is good, from time to time to remember what happened inside Deerfield compound and reveal what the leaders of these companies and non-profits really did to many innocent people.

  3. Is Energetix legit? Are all the people that interviewed me (Diane, Lara, Brad, Chuck) ex cult members/current cult members? Glad I walked away as they seem really bizarre.

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